At the end of the NBA Finals, but left four questions, listen to NBA Chairman Xiao Hua how to answer

The Raptors won the championship, and the first non-American team champion appeared in NBA history. Has the NBA’s internationalization achieved unprecedented success? At the same time, the NBA faces other questions.

The broadcast ratings of ESPN and other mainstream US media are declining. Many young people have no patience to watch a game. From the perspective of the league, there are only a handful of teams that have the strength to win each year. Many teams fight for the top picks; Whether it is a fan or a player, they all think that the referee issue is the most important issue in the current NBA.

As the chairman of the NBA, how does Xiao Hua face these challenges?

During the NBA Finals, Tencent Sports conducted an exclusive interview with Xiao Hua to listen to his answers.

The Raptors have won the championship and how successful is basketball internationalization?

Before Xiao Hua handed the O’Brien trophy to the Raptors boss wearing the cheap NBA jerseys, he heartily said that basketball had gone through a reincarnation.

“This year is the first time the NBA Finals has gone out of the United States. It is indeed significant because the first game in NBA history was held in Canada. The teams included the Toronto Huskies. Of course, this team did not exist for too long. Returning to Toronto this year’s finals is a perfect reincarnation,” Xiao Hua said.

Dr. Nasmit, who invented basketball, is a Canadian, the first basketball game in history, right next to the Fengye Arena. During the spring university, Na Smith began to popularize basketball. Five years later, he was introduced to other countries such as China, and soon became a global movement. In 1995, the Raptors had a team, and the results have been tepid. This year, they entered the finals, making this hockey country start to be crazy for basketball.

The entire Canadian professional sports, the last time to win or in 1993, the Toronto baseball team won the championship, the Toronto football team last entered the World Cup, in 1986, the last ice hockey win, or 1967. Just because the time is too long, all Canadians are looking forward to a championship. At the home of three finals in Toronto, there are many fans around the arena every day, waiting to enter the center of the game, a place called “Jurassic Park”. According to the staff of the Toronto Mayor’s Office, various versions of the “Jurassic Park” have been set up throughout Canada, and even in a small town with a population of less than 100,000 people on the West Coast, they have their own “Jurassic Park”.

“I have been to many cities that host the finals. There is no city, and the enthusiasm for basketball is more than that of Toronto,” Xiao Hua said.

The author has also been to the seven finals before and after, regardless of the index, Toronto’s attention to the finals will be more than any previous one, the closest is the 2016 Cavaliers won. The finals in Canada exceeded 50%, and the fifth average fare exceeded $2,200, which created NBA history.

Basketball is so popular in Toronto that it confirms the success of NBA internationalization.

During the finals, there were media outlets around the world to cover the game. The Raptors and Warriors have seven international players, including Gasol and Sikam. In the entire NBA, about 25% of the players are international players, and the NBA has truly become an international sports league.

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Xiao Hua and the former US President Barack Obama watch the finals

Competing for young people, has the NBA succeeded?

Before the finals, a Toronto reporter asked if basketball would compete with ice hockey and become the first sport in Canada if the Raptors won the championship.

Xiao Hua replied that basketball does not compete directly with ice hockey, but competes with all entertainment projects. At this year’s CES conference, Xiao Hua also published a similar point. Society is changing. How to seize the next generation of young people is an important issue for the NBA to consider. Since Xiao Hua took office, many adjustments have been made, all of which are related to fighting for young people. For example, reducing pauses and shortening the offensive time of grabbing offensive rebounds are all about making the game smoother and more suitable for young people.

“Standing in front of us is a group of young men and women fans, who love basketball and worship NBA stars. With a platform like Tencent, they have the opportunity to learn more about the players, not just the appearance of the stadium, but also the life of the players, growing up. The story. Considering the high degree of internationalization of the NBA, the players from all over the world, the hobbies and hobbies are different. These provide more entertainment elements for the fans. Fans not only want to pay attention to the game on the field, but also want to get in touch with the players. The whole process is also moving towards a healthier and benign direction. We also hope that young fans not only go to watch the ball, but also play in person, and in the strong body, they also cultivate team spirit,” Xiao Hua said.

The first point that Xiao Hua mentioned is trying to make young people more interact with players, especially social media. A basketball game is only a few dozen minutes, but the star’s off-court activities can produce more content. In terms of using social media, the NBA is the best in all professional leagues in North America. Many sports professionals say that alliances such as the NFL should learn from the NBA.

The second point is to let the fans participate more in sports. Take China as an example. In the past few years, NBA China has vigorously developed basketball training and cooperated with the Ministry of Education to launch basketball training programs in many primary and secondary schools across the country. At the Xi’an Basketball Summit last year, NBA executive Tan Huimin said that NBA China would train basketball for 4 million primary and middle school students.