The best 15 jerseys in the history of the NBA league. The jerseys of the Bulls can only rank second.

When talking about the NBA, many times people think of players and teams. In fact, as many elements in the entire NBA league system, the team’s jersey is also very important, and the profits created by the cheap nba jerseys for the team are also considerable. The NBA has been developing for so many years, and the team’s jersey uniforms have undergone countless changes, but the style of the team is very different in each period/age.

As the NBA is becoming more popular around the world, the team’s uniforms are integrated into many elements. The latest style of uniform style is the launch of the urban version of the jersey. It combines the characteristics of each team’s city and is also welcomed by fans.

Therefore, the American media invited people from all walks of life to conduct a selection, ranking the jerseys according to aesthetics, creativity, nostalgia and historical importance, and selected the best 30 jerseys in NBA history. The results selected are:

15: Minnesota Timberwolves (1996 – 2008)

The jersey of the black body and the green tree-shaped jagged edge (this design is very similar to the wolf’s teeth) makes it easy for the fans to think of the roaring Kevin Garnett who led the Timberwolves to the west. The teams are full of wolves!

14: Los Angeles Lakers (1960-1966)

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When the Lakers moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, they wore this blue uniform, and they were very successful under the leadership of Elgin Baylor and Jerry West because they He participated in the NBA Finals every year from 61-66.

13: Cleveland Cavaliers substitute (2005-2010)

At that time, the Cavaliers ushered in their emperor, James, which brought the Cavaliers out of trouble, and for the first time felt the attention of the fans. The jersey was pointed at the neckline with the letter “C”, and the jersey was colorful. The laces, as well as the conspicuous red on the sides, and the “Cavaliers” also feature a gold trim, which is a unique design. At the same time, the design of this jersey also broke the thick navy blue tone, so it was very popular among fans.

12: Toronto Raptors (2018)

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The Raptors’ impression of the fans has always been black gold, but this year’s sudden and dramatic changes can be said to be very successful. The golden badge on the chest and the words “North” highlight the Raptors’ sense of belonging and belonging, making it easy to think of them from the far north – Toronto.

11: Los Angeles Lakers (2002-2018)

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