The NBA will “change the sky” again! Durant summer window just announced to join the Nets

July 1st is the official “opening” of the NBA free agent market. Just a few hours ago, wearing the No. 35 cheap NBA jerseys Durant officially announced through social media that he will join the Nets, and according to Wo Shen and others. Several well-known journalists broke the news that the Nets will also formally sign a contract with Jordan and Owen. With the arrival of the three of them, the Nets have been after the “Trident” of Kidd Martin-Jefferson 17 years ago. It has ushered in a new era of super giants.

The most interesting news of this transfer window is undoubtedly Durant’s whereabouts. In the case that Irving has basically decided to join the Nets, “Du Shao” will stay in the Warriors or stay in the West to become the most The focus of attention. Just one hour after the transfer window opened, Du Shao announced his next stop, the Brooklyn Nets. Durant posted a photo on his personal social platform, clearly spelled the words of the Nets, and according to many reporters, his team signed this time will be four years of 164 million US dollars The maximum salary contract. Since then, “Wo Shen” also said that joining Durant with the team is also the center of the game that was traded to the New York Knicks last season, Jordan and the Celtics star Owen, their arrival may change the East The pattern of the alliance.

In addition to the above three, the trading market has completed a number of signings. For example, Celtic defender Rozil will join the Hornets in a sign-and-trade manner. His new contract is 3 years and 58 million US dollars; 76 people The team’s sharpshooter Redick chose to return to the Western Conference for the new champion Williamson for 2 years, $26.5 million; Ariza switched to the Kings with a two-year, $25 million contract; last season’s outstanding two Pacers, Sadie Both S. Yang and Bogdanovic chose to leave. The former joined the Bulls for three years and $41 million, while the latter went to the Utah Jazz for four years and $73 million. In addition, the Bucks slammed Brogden to join the Pacers and Rubio. The signing of joining the Sun and Aminu to switch to the Magic is also nearing completion.

And there is a left, the Bucks opened a five-year, $178 million max contract for Middleton, who left a best helper for the letter brother, and the Magic used four years of $54 million. The contract left the slam dunks Terrence Ross, Porzingis and Valancinas respectively to stay with the Lone Ranger and the Grizzlies, and the Blazers opened a 4 in order to leave their absolute core Lillard The $196 million super-maximum contract, and Gay and Lopez, who had a stable performance in the Bucks and Spurs last season, also renewed their respective contracts with the team. They will still be the core of the team in the new season. .

After such a deal, the NBA of the new season is worth looking forward to.