Durant is far away from the Nets, Butler follows Wade, and the NBA West Strong East is weaker!

Owen wearing the No. 11 cheap NBA jerseys and the Durant Nets wearing the No. 35 NBA jerseys, the free big fish Leonard became the last piece of meat, the Lakers will become the ultimate big winner!

Although the NBA has not yet entered the real free market trading time, it is not important, because today, apart from the two-time championship MVP, Leonard, the free market “big fish” this season. Basically, they are already famous. The most concerned by the fans is Durant, who will miss the next season because of injury. Today, he officially announced the first salary of 1.64 for 4 years and joined the Brooklyn Nets.

In the past few years, since Russia took over the Nets, every transaction in the trading market has been a shocking thing. The most famous is the transactions of Delong and Garnett who were 7 or 8 years ago. It was definitely a big deal at that time. Although Garnett and others have reached the end of their careers, the Russians who are not bad money have already sent a lot of money. The purpose at that time was also very clear, that is, to hit the championship.

However, as a result, everyone knows that under the impact of a group of “old superstars” led by Deron, the injury factor and the decline in combat power, the Nets only entered the playoffs, and everyone is not happy. Scattered.

The development of the Nets has therefore received a lot of restrictions, so that it was not until last season that they returned to the playoffs.

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However, returning to the ranks of the playoffs, it is clear that the purpose of the Nets is not limited to this.

In the recent NBA free market information, the first player in the league, Owen, is the best player in the league. He joined the four-year 141 million US dollars, followed by the two-time champion mvp winner Durant, although Durant next. The season will not play because of injuries, but the Nets still sent a four-year contract of 164 million US dollars.

Such a contract is not difficult to see, in the more vulnerable east, the Nets are still very “ideas”, because their team history has never won a championship, although in the same year led by Kidd twice into the finals, But in the end, they all returned to the feathers, and they were really unwilling.

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In this way, the biggest free agent in the league is the small card that the Raptors use for one year. After the Spurs and the Raptors win the championship, the price of the small card is also rising, whether it is his personal ability or lead. The ability has been fully demonstrated, especially in the past finals. If everyone is not optimistic, the history of the Raptors will be led by the team alone. This alone is enough to shock everyone.

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Now, after Durant, Owen, Butler (76 through the first sign and then transferred to the Heat) and other people have been implemented, the small card has become everyone’s final goal.

Now, with the ability to open a max contract for a small card, there are only 4 teams (Lake, Knicks, Clippers, Lone Ranger), and as the last season’s rookie, want to renew the contract. The luxury tax issue will also be considered. Although Leonard is their hero, in this money union, I am afraid that only money is the first.

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Although Leonard has only one season in the Raptors, his contribution has far exceeded expectations, and the owner of the small card also enjoys the priority renewal contract and the longer maximum salary contract, although it is possible to significantly exceed the salary cap, but It is still possible to reduce the salary structure space within the team through transactions.

The Lakers are much easier to handle. They still have more than 30 million spaces. It is not a problem to sign Leonard. What’s more, they already have James and Davis. In addition to Leonard, what do you think? Book the “general championship” look. Leonard himself has been proved, and then he is fighting for “money”, and the Lakers in Los Angeles obviously occupy the right place and the right people, which may become the decisive factor for Leonard’s final destination.