Lying down to take the NBA championship? Jeremy Lin: I also have to pay, everything is worthy of my heart.

The NBA championship only played 51 seconds in the garbage time, followed by the Raptors to win the championship, Lin Shuhao, in his successive posts, holding his own championship trophy, was scorned by many NBA fans, for this, “Hao Ge “When I accept the interview, I have something to say, emphasizing that I also contributed, and said, “I certainly deserve it.”

Jeremy Lin’s NBA season was originally the backcourt core player of the Nets, but before the start of the season, he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. During the regular season, Jeremy Lin played 51 games, averaging 10.7 points and 3.5 assists per game, but the results were acceptable; Ready to start rebuilding, after the trade deadline, Jeremy Lin and the team reached a buyout agreement before they came to the Toronto Raptors. This contract also became a turning point for Jeremy Lin.

From the response of Nas during the regular season, he was very convinced that Jeremy Lin wearing the No. 17 cheap NBA jerseys had the explosive power and intended to build him with Van Fleet as the team’s first substitute. After the battle, Jeremy Lin’s performance has not been very stable, averaging only 18.8 minutes for the Raptors, a total of 7 points, 2.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists, the result is of course placed on the bench.

Successfully won the second Raptors in the East, entered the playoffs, faced the Bucks, 76, and the Celtics, Lin Shuhao most of the time on the bench, there was a ball comment The words that the fans agree with: “Jin Shuhao has missed the best opportunity to trust Nass.”

On the other hand, Van Fleet and Leonard can almost be said to be activated by the Bucks. Leonard’s situation of hurting a spelling brother has almost promoted the growth of the whole team. In contrast, Jeremy Lin on the bench. The opportunity to play is even more subtle. The result is that the entire playoffs, Jeremy Lin only played 8 times, averaging 3.4 minutes, contributed 1.1 points, more is to scream on the sidelines, of course, in the face of the Warriors’ championship game, the result is that everyone sees To the “6 seconds of the game, 51 seconds”, this 51 seconds, Jeremy Lin in the garbage time to completely carry the ball, reached 0 turnovers.

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It is no wonder that the Raptors have won the championship. Jeremy Lin is happy to take a picture of himself and the championship trophy. Many people still praise him as “the first Asian American to win the NBA championship in history” , and therefore bring more doubts.

Jeremy Lin once again posted a photo of himself and his family in his personal instagram, except to say that he is the first Asian American to win the NBA championship in NBA history. He stressed that “I can’t go here without family.” When other people laugh at me, my family will always support me. Thanks for always being my strong backing forever.”

“Of course I am not used to feeling that I can’t get on the court. I have always been on the wall. Is it really worthy of the championship?” In the face of the same problems in the media, Jeremy Lin also responded to the Raptors’ parade. “It is true that sometimes I I feel that it is necessary for me to convince myself that I am worthy of this championship. But when I think about the experience of the past, I will say that I certainly deserve it.”

Jeremy Lin went on to say, “I played 23 regular season games and made contributions. I also tried my best to cooperate with my teammates during the training. When the team watched the video, I also put forward my own ideas to help the team. I think I also have Value, and always train hard for the game, always ready to play, and do everything. People really don’t know how much effort our athletes have to pay for these things.”

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“New York Times” sports version for the past two days, Lin Shuhao, said that his Asian image left in the NBA is immortal, but in fact, Lin Shuhao’s performance in the early days of the Raptors is not too good, not for reuse, of course, and His contract will expire again. If the future is not going well, it will be a retirement. It is rumored that many teams in the country have already waved to him. Maybe he will see him on the CBA field soon.

(Image from Lin Shuhao official ig)