The NBA Finals kicked off and the Warriors arrived in Toronto. Why did the players carry the box lunch?

The highly anticipated NBA Finals will start at 9:30 am on May 31st, Beijing time, because the Raptors are better than the Warriors in the regular season, so the game will be played first at the Raptors home. Today, the media exposed the photos of the Warriors players when they registered, the most eye-catching is the boxer in the hands of the players. We saw that the Warriors were basically carrying the boxed rice on the plane. Curry was the team’s big stomach king. Every time they brought more than three boxes of lunch, this time they also brought four boxes of rice. So why do they want to bring a box lunch?

First of all, because this final is the first time in history in Canada, this time to Toronto, the aircraft will fly for at least a few hours, after all, from the United States to Canada. The journey will be very tired, the players usually have a very large amount of exercise, are big stomach king. After such a long flight, the players will definitely be hungry at the end, and take a few boxes of lunch to supplement the nutrition. So there is no free food on the plane?

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In fact, the other teams don’t take the lunch because they don’t have their own team private jets. They are flying other planes, the plane has special meals, and the Warriors have their own team’s private jets. However, some of the stars have more special energy supplements, so they are all well-matched by dietitians in private. It is also possible to take them directly, or you can choose not to eat airplane meals. The Warriors main player Curry has a private jet and owns a box lunch, because the team will match the nutritious meal in advance before the star comes, and then get it on the plane, take more varieties, and eat more patterns. So the Warriors each have a box lunch and an cheap NBA jerseys!

Curry’s four-box lunch box is also very eye-catching to the fans. Is Curry’s meal really big? After the investigation, I discovered that this is a problem that Curry has personal habits. He personally does not like how to mix all kinds of foods. Each dish is released separately, so the number of lunches in Curry is significantly higher than other players. Curry’s total meal is not necessarily more than others.

The finals are very far from the two teams. It is a big test for the players’ physical fitness and status. I hope that the aircraft meal can help the players maintain a good state and bring us a wonderful experience. finals!

The NBA has the strongest defensive player in each position. If the 5 players are in a team, it is difficult for the opponent to get 80 points in the whole game.

With the popularity of the NBA ball game, the most intuitive change is the explosive growth of the game data. More than a decade ago, if a player scored 25 points in a single game, he was already very proud. Even if the player averaged 25 points per game this season, it seems to be commonplace, even if it is defensive. In the main playoffs, the players still score very high.

Players’ scores increase, and the team’s score naturally follows the rise. The NBA 30 teams have averaged more than 100 points per game this season. The top 20 teams have exceeded 110 points, and when Yao Ming played. If the Rockets score more than 100 points in the whole game, they will send a burger to all the audience who watched the scene. If this rule is put into the present, it is estimated that all the audience will no longer have to eat.

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However, I believe that there are still many fans and Xiaobian, like the full-time oppressive defense of ten years ago, the home team took a 100 points to give the audience the burger era. Although the score is low, we can see all the personal abilities of the star. And Xiaobian today wants to introduce to you the strongest defensive star in each position of the NBA. If these 5 people form a team, it is difficult for the opponent to get 80 points in the whole game.

Point guard: Payton

Peyton’s nickname is “Gloves” because Peyton’s defense is very oppressive on the court. He will always follow his opponent, not giving the opponent any space to catch and shoot, or even the opponent can’t dribble the ball, like a belt. Like a glove. Peyton is also the only player in history to win the best defensive player as a point guard. He has also been selected for the 9th All-Defensive team.

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Defender: Jordan

After wearing the No. 23 cheap NBA jerseys, Jordan was called the basketball god after retiring, not only because he was very unsolved on the offensive end, but Jordan’s defensive ability is also in the forefront of NBA history. Despite a lot of energy on the offensive end, Jordan is still alive on defense, averaging 2.3 steals per game, and is the star of the best defensive player in the history with a small number of shooting guards.

Small forward: Pippen

There are a lot of candidates on the small forward. For example, the active players James and Durant are good defenders, but the best defensive small forward in history is definitely Pippen. The Bulls won two consecutive three-time championships. The perimeter defense combination of Pippen and Jordan contributed a lot, making the other outside teams in the league difficult to compete on offense and defense, and Pippen’s excellent physical fitness is on the defense. The players in the position are not in a disadvantage, and they have been selected for defense for 8 times in their career.

Power Forward: Duncan

Duncan is recognized as the number one striker in NBA history. At the peak of his career, he can take offensive defense. Even at the end of his career, he can still become the top defensive player in the league with his excellent interior technology. He averaged 2.2 blocks per game and once averaged the finals. Send 5 big hats, a total of 8 times for one defense, 7 times for two defenses.

Center: Olajuwon

Olajuwon is the representative of the NBA’s technical center and the total cap of the NBA history. He can support the entire team’s defensive system, and always has physical or technical aspects when playing the forward and center players. Advantage. He averaged 3.1 blocks per game and 3.3 times in the playoffs. He won the best defensive player for two consecutive seasons, five defenses and four defenses.

NBA is currently playing 5 offensive and defensive outside players, George is selected, the letter brother has great potential

As the top player in the NBA, not only is the offense better, but the defense is also excellent, so that it can be called the offensive and defensive. Curry, Harden and other players are definitely top-notch, but the defense is very general. The following 5 active outside players, not only the offensive first-class, the defense is also the top of the league.

5th place: Chris Paul

Looking at Paul’s playoffs this year, Paul feels really old. Although he can play wonderful data in some games, the stability is not as good as before. It does not match his annual salary of up to 40 million US dollars. There is an old saying in the fighting world. The fist is afraid of being young and strong. It is also applicable in the basketball world. It is a natural law. Four years ago, Paul was a member of the 1st team of the NBA All-NBA team and a member of the best defensive team. He also won the steals of the year. Even in 2017, two years ago, Paul was still the best defender. Member of the 1st team. He has entered the NBA All-NBA First Team four times in his career and has been selected to the NBA’s best defensive team seven times. He is the decisive attack and defense player. He has always occupied the position of the first point guard in the peak period. Paul is only 1 meter 83, but he has repeatedly occupied a point guard position. This is inseparable from his strong body, quick speed and excellent ball player. The first-class pre-judgment is inseparable. He has won the league steals six times. title.

4th place: LeBron James

To say that the attack and defense integration is really indispensable to LeBron James. 1 time for the first team, 5 times the best defensive lineup, and occupied the first place in the league for many years. His career average of 27.2 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.2 assists, the total score of the playoffs was 6911 points, the first in history. On the defensive end, his strong body, flexible and fast movement has always been a nightmare for offensive players. Even if the front is empty blue, the offensive player should be careful that James behind him has a big hat. The five best balls of those years often saw James chasing the big hat.

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3rd place: Paul George

Paul George shines this year, although teammate Westbrook has occupied most of the team’s possession and once again won the triple-double feat, but Paul George has occupied the third position on the MVP list and was selected. The NBA All-NBA First Team and the All-Defensive team lineup for the first time. Speaking of Paul George, some fans may know that he became a defensive player before he became famous. He is a famous defensive player in the NBA. He used to be a substitute for Danny Granger. After Granger was injured, the main force gradually emerged, 2.06 meters. Height, wingspan 2 meters 11, physical fitness. He has made 4 best defensive lineups, including 2 times, 2 times and 2 times. In the 12-13 season playoffs, when he played against the Heat in seven games, he mainly defended James, and he was deeply impressed. From then on, George began to rank among the top stars in the league.

2nd place: Janis-Adetokounmpo

Chinese fans like to call Adetokounmpo as the letter brother. He is a superstar who has risen in recent years and is a strong contender for the most valuable players in this year’s regular season. Leading the Bucks to the first place in the regular season. With a height of 2.11 meters and a wingspan of 2 meters 21, he can control the ball like a defender. His body is strong and his palm is huge. These innate advantages make him a big advantage in the small forward position. He has played football, is full of energy, moves quickly, and has a long arm. It is a nightmare for many attackers. This year, he was not only selected for the first round of the NBA All-NBA team, but also selected for the first round of the NBA All-Defensive team. And the letters are still very young, just 24 years old, still have a lot of potential to dig.

No. 1: Kawai-Leonard

With a height of 2 meters 01, Leonard’s wingspan reached 2 meters 21, so the body talent is really rare. In the past few years, I started to attack and defend. One of the first things that people think of will be LeBron James, but now I will think of Leonard first. The “death entanglement” skill makes many stars feel cold. This season’s playoffs led the Raptors into the finals for the first time, and in the first game successfully defeated the Warriors, Leonard is absolutely indispensable, the playoffs averaged 30.7 points, 8.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists. Leading the team to fight back and forth again and again, from the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Raptors played hard. The star-studded 76ers, star-studded, and the same talented heroes led by the Bucks, both teams are strong. Leonard led the team to stop the killing of the gods, and the Buddha stopped the Buddha, just as James was moving in the same year, and he was unruly and unstoppable. Leonard has won two best defensive players, which is very rare as an outside player wear the cheap nba jerseys No.2.

NBA jersey sales ranking: James’s top three Kokkuri, Durant’s popularity is not rising

For NBA stars, the sales of jerseys reflect the popularity and popularity of the players. According to Fanatics statistics, in the cheap NBA jerseys sales ranking, James has just changed to the top of the list, the newest MVP candidate brother and the warrior Curry followed, and two consecutive FMVP winner Durant is even ranked as the rookie East Cic After that, only the ninth place.

Fanatics is an e-commerce online retail company that sells official sports licensed products. Major US professional sports leagues and media brands are selling on Fanatics’ e-commerce platform, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, PGA and ESPN. NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.

The sales of James jerseys have been at the top of the list for many years, and the number one jersey sales after switching to the Lakers is not surprising. The newest MVP’s most popular candidate letter brother and 09 Gemini Curry, Harden ranked 2-4, also represents the current hottest NBA rankings.

In comparison, the sales of two consecutive MVP Durant are not as good as the European rookie East Cecchi, only ranked ninth. The ability of Durant, whose personal ability has become more and more recognized in recent years, has continued to fall, which is somewhat puzzling.

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In addition, Owen’s sales of sleek jerseys have been high in recent years, Leonard’s negative impact on the Spurs and the regular season only played 60 games is not like the playoffs, the jersey sales only ranked 18th Bit.

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Among the retired players, only the basketball god Jordan can rank among the top ten in jersey sales, which is enough to see that Joe’s popularity has not decreased, and it is close to becoming a cultural symbol. Surprisingly, AI Iverson and McGrady’s jersey sales are even higher than Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant only ranked 24th in the sales list.

Why does the NBA League stipulate that players must put their jerseys in their trousers for a reason?

As the world’s top basketball league, the NBA League is very strict. All regulations have a rule on the court. Athletes must tie their shirts in the pants. Many fans don’t understand this. What is the reason for the item?

In fact, not only the NBA League, but also many athletes in the ordinary basketball league or other sports have this habit, but there are some reasons why the cheap NBA jerseys is stuck in the ball pants.

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The most important point is fair competition. The basketball game is a very fierce competition. If you don’t tie the jersey in the ball pants and the defenders tear the offensive athlete’s jersey, the referee can’t observe it for the first time, and the jersey will be Tied in the ball pants, the referee can see the defensive player pull the offensive player’s jersey when the first time, this role is to ensure fair competition.

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Another point is to ensure the safety of the players. The NBA League is the world’s top basketball league. Every player here is very strong, and their speed is very fast. They all have the top talent. Therefore, when the players are confronted, the arm or head is covered by the jersey, and their strength may cause the player to have a very serious injury, and in the actual basketball game, it is indeed because of the jersey. And the injury occurred, so no player would refuse to tie the shirt in the ball pants.

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More importantly, it is also related to the beauty of the players. If the jersey is not tied in the ball pants, they will often expose their navel or chest when they jump, so that they do not respect the fans and opponents, and many Fans know that basketball jerseys are very long. If you don’t put the jerseys in, it will affect the overall comfort of the players, and it will also affect the player’s status.

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NBA player retired life: Kobe’s life winner, Bosh Harvard is a high student, he is embarrassing

As NBA players, their salary in their careers is generally high, just as the letter brother can sign a five-year, $247.3 million sky-high contract. In fact, not to mention the salary of these superstars, they are the general substitutes. Their salary is also a few million dollars a year, so as long as they don’t spend money, they can say that they have nothing to worry about, but there are still many players retired. After the bankruptcy, NBA players retired: Kobe’s life winner, Bosh wearing the No. 1 cheap NBA jerseys became a Harvard high school student, only his status is embarrassing.

Kobe’s career can be said to be perfect, and the honors he received are too many. In addition to the high salary, Kobe also showed his commercial talent after retiring. He has his own branded drinks, also shot basketball movies, and won an award in Oscar. He also wrote books and ranked first in the bestseller list. He also has his own TV show, which analyzes the details of the players and causes The attention of the fans. It can be said that Kobe is a very successful player. After retiring, he is also very good. It is really a winner in life.

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Bosh used to be the Toronto Dragon King, and then formed the Big Three with James Wade to win the championship, especially the key offensive rebounding with the Spurs G6, the most important rebound in his life. However, Bosh got blood coagulation, and there is no way to continue playing. He can only choose to retire. The dragon king roar at the retirement ceremony has made many fans move. Now Bosh is a high school student of Harvard. He was originally a schoolmaster and now he continues himself. His career is still very good.

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Iverson is one of the strongest little players in NBA history. No one. His appearance has led the trend. Everyone is imitating his hip-hop style. The NBA also has a dress code. Iverson is a very loyal person. Most of the money he earns is wasted on eating and drinking with friends, so that he becomes very backward after retirement. Now Iverson often picks up some small business activities. In order to subsidize life.

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Francis is the big brother of Yao Ming who just entered the Rockets. He is also very caring for Yao Ming, so he is very popular with Chinese fans, but he was later traded. After leaving the NBA, Francis was entangled with drugs. Once you get this thing, people can’t get on. Francis is the same. After he has no money to buy drugs, he steals the money to buy it. He is also taken to the police station. He should be the worst NBA player.

historical record! 16 development league background players into the NBA Finals

A development league player is on the NBA and an NBA player is on the finals stage. Which one is more difficult? So, is a development league player standing on the finals stage?

In this year’s NBA Finals, there will be as many as 16 players who have had experience in the development league in the roster of the two teams, which has created NBA history.

Are these players wearing a few cheap NBA jerseys?

There are seven people on the Warriors side, Livingston, Luny, Jordan Bell, Damian Jones, Quinn Cook, McKinney and Jacob Evans; Nine, namely Jeremy Lin, Sikakam, Van Fleet, Danny Green, McCaw, Powell, Boucher, Malcolm Miller and Eric Moran.

More than half of the 30 players in the two teams have played in the D-League, which is really quite unbelievable. For all the players who are or have played in the D-League, this year’s finals illuminate the way for the future. The 16 names have proved to be the end of the world by working hard and sticking to the world’s top basketball court. Will be rewarded.

From this list, we can see that these players with a background in the development league are not all of the two teams’ dispensable corners, many of which are major rotations or even absolute starts. Luny and Livingston are the main rotations of the Warriors. Cook, Jordan Bell and McKinney also have a stable time in the long rotation. The Raptors are even more obvious. Sikam and Green are both starting players. Van Fleet and Powell are two of the substitute three-rounders, and their performance is crucial for Toronto.

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In fact, the Raptors team can be called an inspirational model. For those players who are not optimistic at the beginning of their career, the success of this Toronto team is an example. To know that there is not even one lottery show in this Raptors, the highest draft pick is the 15th Leonard, and the remaining 4 starters are 2nd round (Little Plus Green). Lori and Sikam are also the first round of the final show after 20 players. Compared to the Warriors’ talents lineup of Durant, Curry, Thompson, Cousins, Iguodala, and Livingston, the Raptors are more like a grassroots army that has successfully counterattacked.

Curry, Durant and Leonard who can win the FMVP trophy are eye-catching, but the story of these little guys turning over also adds color to the finals.

The Raptors rewrite the team history, the NBA Finals will be carried out outside the United States for the first time.

After 2013, the Raptors ushered in the most prosperous period of team history.

As the younger team in NBA history and the only team outside the United States, the Toronto Raptors have only 24 years of history. In the past 23 seasons, the Raptors have advanced to the playoffs 10 times, and they have missed the finals. Now the team has finally made history.

The 100-94 defeat of the Bucks, the Raptors eliminated the opponent with a total score of 4 to 2, and the Warriors will be the finals, this is the Raptors since the 1995-1996 season in the cheap NBA jerseys, the team history for the first time to advance to the finals.

The Raptors’ history rose for the first time due to the addition of super-newsman Vince Carter. In 1998, Carter entered the NBA with the 5th overall pick and was traded to the Raptors for the second season of the team. Carter Leading the team for the first time in the playoffs; Chris Bosh, the second leader in the history of the Raptors, as an important member of the “03 Golden Generation”, Bosh re-led the Raptors to become a strong team in the East, “Dragon King” The title came from this.

Since 2013, the Raptors have ushered in the most prosperous period of team history. Lori’s joining and the rise of DeRozan have allowed the Raptors to win the regular season championship and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. They have just been unable to pass the mountain of James. , always missed the finals stage. Last summer, the Raptors and the Spurs reached a heavy deal, DeRozan, Leonard exchanged the East, this trade that was not accepted by most Raptors fans, with Leonard using the perfect performance team In the finals, all the doubts disappeared.

“They are defending champions, so we have to stay focused, enjoy the moment and accept the challenge.” Leonard and his teammates have a five-day break to adjust to the finals of the defending champion Warriors. According to the schedule, this year’s finals will be kicked off at 9:00 on May 31. If the final score is 4-0, the champion will be decided on the morning of June 8th, which will be the second day of the college entrance examination.

Who is the most unexpected? NBA officially announced the top ten in the jersey sales list! Fans: Unscientific

Today, the fourth game of the NBA Eastern Conference finals has just ended. The Raptors have another city. The total score of the series has reached 2-2. In the end, who can enter the finals will be the Warriors, let us look forward to it. ! The fifth battle of the Tianwang Mountain between the two sides will be held on May 24th (this Friday) in Beijing time. Not long ago, the NBA officially announced the top ten players in the jersey sales list so far this season. It is well known that the sales volume of the jersey worn by the star is an important basis for the star to be loved by the fans. The jersey’s sales list is also the ranking of the star’s status in the hearts of fans! So every year the NBA League will count the sales rankings of the star cheap nba jerseys!

The top ten sales charts for this year are as follows: the first is the Lakers’ James, the second Bucks’ Adeto Cumbo, the third is the Warriors’ Stephen Curry, and the fourth is The Rockets’ James Harden, the fifth is the Celtics’ Kyrie Irving, the sixth is the former NBA superstar Michael Jordan, and the seventh is the 76ers Joel Embiid. The eighth place is the Lone Ranger’s rookie East Cecchi, the ninth is the Warriors’ Durant, and the tenth is the Trail Blazers Lillard.

In fact, this list is a bit surprising, and the fans also said that it is a bit unscientific! The first and most surprising thing is that there is a player in the list who has been retired for nearly 20 years. Now that Jordan has been retired for many years, his jersey sales rank sixth in this year. He has to say that Joe’s influence is too great. Now! The second surprise is that this year’s rookie Dongqiqi is ranked 8th in the list. I have to say that this year only 20-year-old Dongcic has become an All-Star player in just one season. In his rookie season, he will be able to average 21.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game, allowing fans to see the potential of his superstar. The new season he and Porzingis’ supernova combination is also one of the biggest highlights of the new season!

The third accident is that James still occupies the top position. To know that James didn’t lead the team into the playoffs this year, he also interrupted the record of entering the finals for eight consecutive years. Even then, his jersey is still the first in the sales list. This can also reflect from the side that James is still the first person in the league, still the favorite star of the fans. Today, NBA president Xiao Hua talked about the status of the NBA ratings, and once again confirmed the status of James, he said that because this year James missed the playoffs and his transfer from the Cavaliers to the Western Lakers led to a decline in ratings!

In addition, Lillard jersey sales can enter the list, the fans said that they are not surprised at all, this year Lillard was swept out in the Western Conference, but this year Lillard is worthy of respect, this year’s playoffs His averaging nearly 27+5+6 data once again proves that he is a superstar. In the first round, he is not optimistic. First, he will teach less and be a better man. The second round will face a more uniform Nuggets. In the case of losing Tianwang Mountain, he won two games in a row, and the pioneer with the lack of generals scored the Western Conference. Although the Western Conference was swept, he did not fail for Lillard and did not fail for the Blazers! Instead, because Lillard’s excavation is strong, because of Lillard’s toughness, Lillard’s bright and uplifting character makes him countless.

Christmas is here, check out the NBA star wish list! Old Zhan is too real.

In fact, not only the children, but even the cheap NBA jerseys will have a variety of Christmas wishes to achieve! So what are their wishes? Just take a look with me!

Kemba Walker: MORE HELP! (More help, brother dei!)

It is not difficult to understand that Walker made such a wish. At present, Walker’s Hornets are ranked 6th in the East and seem to be good! However, their winning percentage is only 50%, and they are placed in the West in about 11 positions. What is more pitiful is that Walker, the Hornets have no players to get the hand! The Hornets average three players per game, and Walker is one of them. However, the scores of the other two dear friends add up to 1, 2 points more than Walker. This may be a team to advance the team! It’s no wonder that Walker wants some help.

LeBron James: TRADE FOR AD! (I want Anthony Davis!)

The scene of Zhan Huang’s thick eyebrows is not a day or two. After joining the Lakers in the offseason, the news about the Lakers’ active operation and the attempt to eat a thick eyebrow has not been broken. But at this stage, the Lakers really need an All-Star level to support the game.

Stephen Curry: FMVP (…)

This wish is even saved, and everyone is crying…

Trey Yang: ZION (I want Zion. Lianms)

This season’s Hawks are basically a tank team, and are ready to go. Now the only thing they worry about is to complete the reconstruction quickly. Then, next year’s top pick, the top three “James” Zion Williams in the United States should be their goal, Trey Yang certainly wants to play with this powerful teammate!

James Harden: LAST YEAR’S ROCKETS (back to last year’s Rockets)

Last year’s Rockets, the first in the West, scored in the Western Conference and fought against the universe warriors! After the two sides fought for seven games, they were able to win the game! This year’s Warriors are still the Warriors, and the Rockets are not the Rockets… It’s all tears!

Janis Antwerk: FIRST PLAYER TO DUNK FROM THE 3PT LINE (the first three-point dunk player)

With the horrible physical quality of the “Greek Monster”, the free-throw line dunk is not a big challenge for him, and many players in history have done it! Only by setting the target at the three-point line can we create a pioneering effort!

Russell Westbrook: QUADRUPLE-DOUBLE (four pairs!)

As a three-double king in active service, it may be that Wei Shao has been numb with the feeling of taking three pairs, and the four pairs are his latest pursuit!