The east is changing! Another five-star lineup in the NBA was born, fans: the Lakers championship met the opponent

Crazy! Now I can only use crazy to describe this year’s trading market. Today is just the first day of the beginning, and there are constantly explosive transactions. Here we need to focus on the 76ers. Butler, who wore a No. 23 cheap NBA jerseys, left and looked like the 76ers had to change. The team then renewed the contract with Harris for a five-year, $184 million contract. Just after the team announced the signing of Horford for a four-year, $109 million contract, it is worth mentioning that the 76ers also received the Heat star Richardson in the Butler deal.

This wave of operations really praises the 76ers. Let’s not talk about the replacement lineup. Let’s first take a look at the starting lineup of the 76ers next season. Simmons, Harris, Embiid, Richardson and Horford. This lineup is really enviable, and Simmons and Embiid are the all-star all-star representatives in the future. Horford has proved his ability. Harris is also fully equipped with the All-Star. Richardson was originally the focus of the Heat’s training. He also appreciated Richardson during Wade’s play. In order to be able to get the Butler Heat, he has to choose to trade him.

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Really feel that this year’s east is getting more and more terrible, the Nets got Owen, Durant and Jordan, and the strength of the team rose to the championship level. The Green Army lost Horford and Owen, but joined Walker and others, and with Owen’s departure, Brown and Tatum will have more opportunities, and they are fully capable of becoming obvious players. There is also the Raptors. If the small card does not leave, the strength of the team is still very impressive. In short, the competition in the east is now more intense than in the west.

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With Durant’s departure from the Warriors Dynasty officially disintegrated, the Warriors may still have the strength of the playoffs next season, but it is not easy to break through the West, especially the Lakers. After the addition of the thick eyebrows, the Lakers’ strength is further enhanced. If there is no accident, the team will try to sign another All-Star player. If this is not possible, the Lakers will also have the opportunity to use the remaining mood space to sign in several role players with millions of annual salary. The Lakers are the biggest favourite for the Western Conference Championships next season, and the Lakers have made a lot of efforts.

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The 76ers have really become the hottest team in the Eastern Conference next season. The addition of Horford and Richardson has further enhanced the team’s talent. Simmons and the Great are growing constantly every year. They waited for this moment in the year, and the 76ers really did whatever it takes. If the team’s bench can be strengthened, this team really can’t be underestimated. It’s only a few hours, and the big fish on the free market is running low. It’s really hard for those teams that have nothing to gain! Here is a highlight of the Rockets… The Lakers championship will not be easy! Because their biggest competitor is already in the east!

Durant is far away from the Nets, Butler follows Wade, and the NBA West Strong East is weaker!

Owen wearing the No. 11 cheap NBA jerseys and the Durant Nets wearing the No. 35 NBA jerseys, the free big fish Leonard became the last piece of meat, the Lakers will become the ultimate big winner!

Although the NBA has not yet entered the real free market trading time, it is not important, because today, apart from the two-time championship MVP, Leonard, the free market “big fish” this season. Basically, they are already famous. The most concerned by the fans is Durant, who will miss the next season because of injury. Today, he officially announced the first salary of 1.64 for 4 years and joined the Brooklyn Nets.

In the past few years, since Russia took over the Nets, every transaction in the trading market has been a shocking thing. The most famous is the transactions of Delong and Garnett who were 7 or 8 years ago. It was definitely a big deal at that time. Although Garnett and others have reached the end of their careers, the Russians who are not bad money have already sent a lot of money. The purpose at that time was also very clear, that is, to hit the championship.

However, as a result, everyone knows that under the impact of a group of “old superstars” led by Deron, the injury factor and the decline in combat power, the Nets only entered the playoffs, and everyone is not happy. Scattered.

The development of the Nets has therefore received a lot of restrictions, so that it was not until last season that they returned to the playoffs.

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However, returning to the ranks of the playoffs, it is clear that the purpose of the Nets is not limited to this.

In the recent NBA free market information, the first player in the league, Owen, is the best player in the league. He joined the four-year 141 million US dollars, followed by the two-time champion mvp winner Durant, although Durant next. The season will not play because of injuries, but the Nets still sent a four-year contract of 164 million US dollars.

Such a contract is not difficult to see, in the more vulnerable east, the Nets are still very “ideas”, because their team history has never won a championship, although in the same year led by Kidd twice into the finals, But in the end, they all returned to the feathers, and they were really unwilling.

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In this way, the biggest free agent in the league is the small card that the Raptors use for one year. After the Spurs and the Raptors win the championship, the price of the small card is also rising, whether it is his personal ability or lead. The ability has been fully demonstrated, especially in the past finals. If everyone is not optimistic, the history of the Raptors will be led by the team alone. This alone is enough to shock everyone.

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Now, after Durant, Owen, Butler (76 through the first sign and then transferred to the Heat) and other people have been implemented, the small card has become everyone’s final goal.

Now, with the ability to open a max contract for a small card, there are only 4 teams (Lake, Knicks, Clippers, Lone Ranger), and as the last season’s rookie, want to renew the contract. The luxury tax issue will also be considered. Although Leonard is their hero, in this money union, I am afraid that only money is the first.

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Although Leonard has only one season in the Raptors, his contribution has far exceeded expectations, and the owner of the small card also enjoys the priority renewal contract and the longer maximum salary contract, although it is possible to significantly exceed the salary cap, but It is still possible to reduce the salary structure space within the team through transactions.

The Lakers are much easier to handle. They still have more than 30 million spaces. It is not a problem to sign Leonard. What’s more, they already have James and Davis. In addition to Leonard, what do you think? Book the “general championship” look. Leonard himself has been proved, and then he is fighting for “money”, and the Lakers in Los Angeles obviously occupy the right place and the right people, which may become the decisive factor for Leonard’s final destination.

The NBA will “change the sky” again! Durant summer window just announced to join the Nets

July 1st is the official “opening” of the NBA free agent market. Just a few hours ago, wearing the No. 35 cheap NBA jerseys Durant officially announced through social media that he will join the Nets, and according to Wo Shen and others. Several well-known journalists broke the news that the Nets will also formally sign a contract with Jordan and Owen. With the arrival of the three of them, the Nets have been after the “Trident” of Kidd Martin-Jefferson 17 years ago. It has ushered in a new era of super giants.

The most interesting news of this transfer window is undoubtedly Durant’s whereabouts. In the case that Irving has basically decided to join the Nets, “Du Shao” will stay in the Warriors or stay in the West to become the most The focus of attention. Just one hour after the transfer window opened, Du Shao announced his next stop, the Brooklyn Nets. Durant posted a photo on his personal social platform, clearly spelled the words of the Nets, and according to many reporters, his team signed this time will be four years of 164 million US dollars The maximum salary contract. Since then, “Wo Shen” also said that joining Durant with the team is also the center of the game that was traded to the New York Knicks last season, Jordan and the Celtics star Owen, their arrival may change the East The pattern of the alliance.

In addition to the above three, the trading market has completed a number of signings. For example, Celtic defender Rozil will join the Hornets in a sign-and-trade manner. His new contract is 3 years and 58 million US dollars; 76 people The team’s sharpshooter Redick chose to return to the Western Conference for the new champion Williamson for 2 years, $26.5 million; Ariza switched to the Kings with a two-year, $25 million contract; last season’s outstanding two Pacers, Sadie Both S. Yang and Bogdanovic chose to leave. The former joined the Bulls for three years and $41 million, while the latter went to the Utah Jazz for four years and $73 million. In addition, the Bucks slammed Brogden to join the Pacers and Rubio. The signing of joining the Sun and Aminu to switch to the Magic is also nearing completion.

And there is a left, the Bucks opened a five-year, $178 million max contract for Middleton, who left a best helper for the letter brother, and the Magic used four years of $54 million. The contract left the slam dunks Terrence Ross, Porzingis and Valancinas respectively to stay with the Lone Ranger and the Grizzlies, and the Blazers opened a 4 in order to leave their absolute core Lillard The $196 million super-maximum contract, and Gay and Lopez, who had a stable performance in the Bucks and Spurs last season, also renewed their respective contracts with the team. They will still be the core of the team in the new season. .

After such a deal, the NBA of the new season is worth looking forward to.

Lying down to take the NBA championship? Jeremy Lin: I also have to pay, everything is worthy of my heart.

The NBA championship only played 51 seconds in the garbage time, followed by the Raptors to win the championship, Lin Shuhao, in his successive posts, holding his own championship trophy, was scorned by many NBA fans, for this, “Hao Ge “When I accept the interview, I have something to say, emphasizing that I also contributed, and said, “I certainly deserve it.”

Jeremy Lin’s NBA season was originally the backcourt core player of the Nets, but before the start of the season, he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. During the regular season, Jeremy Lin played 51 games, averaging 10.7 points and 3.5 assists per game, but the results were acceptable; Ready to start rebuilding, after the trade deadline, Jeremy Lin and the team reached a buyout agreement before they came to the Toronto Raptors. This contract also became a turning point for Jeremy Lin.

From the response of Nas during the regular season, he was very convinced that Jeremy Lin wearing the No. 17 cheap NBA jerseys had the explosive power and intended to build him with Van Fleet as the team’s first substitute. After the battle, Jeremy Lin’s performance has not been very stable, averaging only 18.8 minutes for the Raptors, a total of 7 points, 2.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists, the result is of course placed on the bench.

Successfully won the second Raptors in the East, entered the playoffs, faced the Bucks, 76, and the Celtics, Lin Shuhao most of the time on the bench, there was a ball comment The words that the fans agree with: “Jin Shuhao has missed the best opportunity to trust Nass.”

On the other hand, Van Fleet and Leonard can almost be said to be activated by the Bucks. Leonard’s situation of hurting a spelling brother has almost promoted the growth of the whole team. In contrast, Jeremy Lin on the bench. The opportunity to play is even more subtle. The result is that the entire playoffs, Jeremy Lin only played 8 times, averaging 3.4 minutes, contributed 1.1 points, more is to scream on the sidelines, of course, in the face of the Warriors’ championship game, the result is that everyone sees To the “6 seconds of the game, 51 seconds”, this 51 seconds, Jeremy Lin in the garbage time to completely carry the ball, reached 0 turnovers.

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It is no wonder that the Raptors have won the championship. Jeremy Lin is happy to take a picture of himself and the championship trophy. Many people still praise him as “the first Asian American to win the NBA championship in history” , and therefore bring more doubts.

Jeremy Lin once again posted a photo of himself and his family in his personal instagram, except to say that he is the first Asian American to win the NBA championship in NBA history. He stressed that “I can’t go here without family.” When other people laugh at me, my family will always support me. Thanks for always being my strong backing forever.”

“Of course I am not used to feeling that I can’t get on the court. I have always been on the wall. Is it really worthy of the championship?” In the face of the same problems in the media, Jeremy Lin also responded to the Raptors’ parade. “It is true that sometimes I I feel that it is necessary for me to convince myself that I am worthy of this championship. But when I think about the experience of the past, I will say that I certainly deserve it.”

Jeremy Lin went on to say, “I played 23 regular season games and made contributions. I also tried my best to cooperate with my teammates during the training. When the team watched the video, I also put forward my own ideas to help the team. I think I also have Value, and always train hard for the game, always ready to play, and do everything. People really don’t know how much effort our athletes have to pay for these things.”

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“New York Times” sports version for the past two days, Lin Shuhao, said that his Asian image left in the NBA is immortal, but in fact, Lin Shuhao’s performance in the early days of the Raptors is not too good, not for reuse, of course, and His contract will expire again. If the future is not going well, it will be a retirement. It is rumored that many teams in the country have already waved to him. Maybe he will see him on the CBA field soon.

(Image from Lin Shuhao official ig)

The first “Mr. Billionaire” in the NBA was humiliated! Netizen: This is a naked robbery!

The first “Mr. Billionaire” in the NBA was humiliated! Netizen: This is a naked robbery! Welcome to pay attention to “NBA gossip straight”!

Just a few days after the end of the season, the offseason has been restless, and various trading rumors have emerged endlessly. On June 19th, Beijing time, according to NBA Marc Stein, the Utah Jazz team presented the Grizzlies with a 23rd sign plus a future first-round pick for Conley. When the news came out, it immediately attracted the fans’ madness, and more voices thought that the Jazz’s move was undoubtedly a naked robbery!

In the first round of the playoffs for several consecutive seasons, the Jazz has been tired of the role of “running with the runners”, especially after the Warriors dynasty collapsed, the management finally saw the hope of rushing out of the West, so hope to pass free signings and trading To achieve the purpose of improving the team’s combat effectiveness. In particular, in the case that the main point guard Rubio may not renew the contract, the Judah is more focused on finding qualified candidates for the point guard. In this regard, they aimed at the Grizzlies aimed at reconstruction.

But I have to admit that it is totally unsatisfactory for the Jazz to offer only two first-round chips in exchange for the prospective player Conley. Conley, as the starting point guard for the Grizzlies in recent years, despite all the rumors of trading this season, he still averaged 21.1 points, 3.4 rebounds, 6.4 assists and 1.3 steals per game, scoring, rebounding and assisting multiple data. Create a new career and lead the team. In the case that Valanciunas has not yet established a foothold and Jackson has no climate, Conley is definitely the core player of the Grizzlies. The jazz quote is full of insults and is simply mad.

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Conley, wearing the No. 11 cheap NBA jerseys, has been the core of the team since he was selected by the Grizzlies in the first round of 2007. But in the 12-year career, he has never been selected for the All-Star, and there is no personal honor to get it. Such a very low-key player has created NBA history. In July 2016, he reached a five-year, $153 million maximum salary contract with the Grizzlies, becoming the first “Mr. 100 million” in the history of the league. It was also from that time that the wages of NBA players were rising and they were out of control. In the next two years, Conley’s salary is $32.51 million and $34.5 million, respectively. It is not easy for the Grizzlies to deal with them effectively.

Career averaged 15 points, 2.9 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 1.4 steals in Conley. He still has good strength. He is clear-headed, breaks through, scores excellent, and dares to play the key ball. He is a traditional point guard who passes the ball first, and his offensive ability is not to be underestimated. Looking at the league, there are only a handful of players in the same position who can match it. Such a pragmatic quasi-all-star player has not been recognized by the fans, and he has been shut out many times in the All-Star Game. I believe that with his past performance, he can definitely find a team that suits him, such as the Heat, the Pacers and the Celtics who have thrown olive branches to him, but it is not a squad-like team.

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The US media announced the top five players in the NBA’s annual revenue. The gap between Durant, Curry and James is obvious!

In 2019, the list of the highest-paid athletes of Forbes has been announced. With the popularity of big contracts and super contracts in the NBA, three players from the NBA have entered the top 10 of the list, and they are ranked 8th to 10th respectively. So in the NBA, who are the top five players in the total income in 19 years? Next, follow the US media “ballbomcom” to see the list of the NBA’s most local tyrants!

Fifth place, James Harden ($4.77 million)

In fifth place is the Houston Rockets’ star player, wearing James Harden in the No. 13 cheap NBA jerseys. Since the Thunder team traded to the Rockets in 2012, Harden has become one of the NBA’s best scorers. As the seven-time NBA All-Star, five-time NBA All-First team member and last year’s MVP, Harden has led the Rockets into the Western Conference Playoffs for the past seven seasons. In 2017, Harden and the Rockets agreed to extend the contract for four years, with a total salary of $228 million, one of the largest contracts in NBA history. In addition, he endorsed Adidas and a large number of sports shoes trade, in 2019 with a revenue of 47.7 million US dollars ranked fifth in the league salary.

Fourth place, Russell Westbrook ($5.37 million)

In 2017, Westbrook shot a triple-double in the season and won the regular season MVP. This allowed him to sign a five-year, $205 million renewal contract with the Thunder. Eight times in the NBA All-Star, Westbrook became one of the brightest and most explosive players in the league. Off the court, Westbrook is still a fashion icon, which brings him a variety of sponsorship opportunities. In the year he signed the extension contract, Westbrook also reached a huge 10-year deal with Jordan Brand. The sum of his salary and endorsement fees reached $53.7 million, ranking fourth among all players in the league.

Third place, Kevin Durant ($6.54 million, Forbes athletes earn tenth)

Healthy Kevin Durant can be said to be the best player in the entire NBA. This summer he had a very good chance of getting a huge contract, but the Achilles break made him go to a mystery. Even so, in the past year, the two NBA champions and the finals MVP have earned a lot of money. In 2019, Durant received $30.4 million in salary from the contract and $35 million from the endorsement. His endorsement funds are basically from Nike, and Kevin Durant brand shoes are one of the most popular shoes on the market. Despite the injury to Durant, there are still many players who are willing to offer him a big contract. It is expected that Durant’s total revenue will increase in 2020.

Second place, Stephen Curry ($7.98 million, Forbes athletes ninth)

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history. In 2017, Curry agreed to renew his contract with the Warriors for more than $200 million. In 2019 alone, his salary reached an astonishing $37.8 million, which is the highest paid player in the NBA. At the same time, Curry still achieved more endorsements, and An Dema brought him an additional $42 million in revenue. On the other hand, Curry is also sponsored by other companies such as Brita Water and Nissan. Overall, Curry earned nearly $80 million in 2019, making him the second-highest player in the NBA. Even more frightening is that his total income will continue to increase because his salary will increase every year.

First place, LeBron James ($8.9 million, Forbes athletes earned eighth place)

There is no doubt that James is the highest-paid player in the NBA in the past year. As one of the best and most influential athletes in sports history, James has completely changed the game. In 2018, James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Lakers, and James also received $53 million in endorsement fees, which totaled $89 million. As one of Nike’s highest-paid endorsement athletes, James’ equipment is the most purchased commodity in sports. As he moved to Los Angeles recently, James’s endorsement is expected to continue to rise as he will receive more attention. He has been announced as the protagonist of “Aerial Slam Dunk 2” released in 2021, and expressed interest in participating in more films and other projects in Los Angeles, which will increase his worth again.

The best 15 jerseys in the history of the NBA league. The jerseys of the Bulls can only rank second.

When talking about the NBA, many times people think of players and teams. In fact, as many elements in the entire NBA league system, the team’s jersey is also very important, and the profits created by the cheap nba jerseys for the team are also considerable. The NBA has been developing for so many years, and the team’s jersey uniforms have undergone countless changes, but the style of the team is very different in each period/age.

As the NBA is becoming more popular around the world, the team’s uniforms are integrated into many elements. The latest style of uniform style is the launch of the urban version of the jersey. It combines the characteristics of each team’s city and is also welcomed by fans.

Therefore, the American media invited people from all walks of life to conduct a selection, ranking the jerseys according to aesthetics, creativity, nostalgia and historical importance, and selected the best 30 jerseys in NBA history. The results selected are:

15: Minnesota Timberwolves (1996 – 2008)

The jersey of the black body and the green tree-shaped jagged edge (this design is very similar to the wolf’s teeth) makes it easy for the fans to think of the roaring Kevin Garnett who led the Timberwolves to the west. The teams are full of wolves!

14: Los Angeles Lakers (1960-1966)

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When the Lakers moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, they wore this blue uniform, and they were very successful under the leadership of Elgin Baylor and Jerry West because they He participated in the NBA Finals every year from 61-66.

13: Cleveland Cavaliers substitute (2005-2010)

At that time, the Cavaliers ushered in their emperor, James, which brought the Cavaliers out of trouble, and for the first time felt the attention of the fans. The jersey was pointed at the neckline with the letter “C”, and the jersey was colorful. The laces, as well as the conspicuous red on the sides, and the “Cavaliers” also feature a gold trim, which is a unique design. At the same time, the design of this jersey also broke the thick navy blue tone, so it was very popular among fans.

12: Toronto Raptors (2018)

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The Raptors’ impression of the fans has always been black gold, but this year’s sudden and dramatic changes can be said to be very successful. The golden badge on the chest and the words “North” highlight the Raptors’ sense of belonging and belonging, making it easy to think of them from the far north – Toronto.

11: Los Angeles Lakers (2002-2018)

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At the end of the NBA Finals, but left four questions, listen to NBA Chairman Xiao Hua how to answer

The Raptors won the championship, and the first non-American team champion appeared in NBA history. Has the NBA’s internationalization achieved unprecedented success? At the same time, the NBA faces other questions.

The broadcast ratings of ESPN and other mainstream US media are declining. Many young people have no patience to watch a game. From the perspective of the league, there are only a handful of teams that have the strength to win each year. Many teams fight for the top picks; Whether it is a fan or a player, they all think that the referee issue is the most important issue in the current NBA.

As the chairman of the NBA, how does Xiao Hua face these challenges?

During the NBA Finals, Tencent Sports conducted an exclusive interview with Xiao Hua to listen to his answers.

The Raptors have won the championship and how successful is basketball internationalization?

Before Xiao Hua handed the O’Brien trophy to the Raptors boss wearing the cheap NBA jerseys, he heartily said that basketball had gone through a reincarnation.

“This year is the first time the NBA Finals has gone out of the United States. It is indeed significant because the first game in NBA history was held in Canada. The teams included the Toronto Huskies. Of course, this team did not exist for too long. Returning to Toronto this year’s finals is a perfect reincarnation,” Xiao Hua said.

Dr. Nasmit, who invented basketball, is a Canadian, the first basketball game in history, right next to the Fengye Arena. During the spring university, Na Smith began to popularize basketball. Five years later, he was introduced to other countries such as China, and soon became a global movement. In 1995, the Raptors had a team, and the results have been tepid. This year, they entered the finals, making this hockey country start to be crazy for basketball.

The entire Canadian professional sports, the last time to win or in 1993, the Toronto baseball team won the championship, the Toronto football team last entered the World Cup, in 1986, the last ice hockey win, or 1967. Just because the time is too long, all Canadians are looking forward to a championship. At the home of three finals in Toronto, there are many fans around the arena every day, waiting to enter the center of the game, a place called “Jurassic Park”. According to the staff of the Toronto Mayor’s Office, various versions of the “Jurassic Park” have been set up throughout Canada, and even in a small town with a population of less than 100,000 people on the West Coast, they have their own “Jurassic Park”.

“I have been to many cities that host the finals. There is no city, and the enthusiasm for basketball is more than that of Toronto,” Xiao Hua said.

The author has also been to the seven finals before and after, regardless of the index, Toronto’s attention to the finals will be more than any previous one, the closest is the 2016 Cavaliers won. The finals in Canada exceeded 50%, and the fifth average fare exceeded $2,200, which created NBA history.

Basketball is so popular in Toronto that it confirms the success of NBA internationalization.

During the finals, there were media outlets around the world to cover the game. The Raptors and Warriors have seven international players, including Gasol and Sikam. In the entire NBA, about 25% of the players are international players, and the NBA has truly become an international sports league.

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Xiao Hua and the former US President Barack Obama watch the finals

Competing for young people, has the NBA succeeded?

Before the finals, a Toronto reporter asked if basketball would compete with ice hockey and become the first sport in Canada if the Raptors won the championship.

Xiao Hua replied that basketball does not compete directly with ice hockey, but competes with all entertainment projects. At this year’s CES conference, Xiao Hua also published a similar point. Society is changing. How to seize the next generation of young people is an important issue for the NBA to consider. Since Xiao Hua took office, many adjustments have been made, all of which are related to fighting for young people. For example, reducing pauses and shortening the offensive time of grabbing offensive rebounds are all about making the game smoother and more suitable for young people.

“Standing in front of us is a group of young men and women fans, who love basketball and worship NBA stars. With a platform like Tencent, they have the opportunity to learn more about the players, not just the appearance of the stadium, but also the life of the players, growing up. The story. Considering the high degree of internationalization of the NBA, the players from all over the world, the hobbies and hobbies are different. These provide more entertainment elements for the fans. Fans not only want to pay attention to the game on the field, but also want to get in touch with the players. The whole process is also moving towards a healthier and benign direction. We also hope that young fans not only go to watch the ball, but also play in person, and in the strong body, they also cultivate team spirit,” Xiao Hua said.

The first point that Xiao Hua mentioned is trying to make young people more interact with players, especially social media. A basketball game is only a few dozen minutes, but the star’s off-court activities can produce more content. In terms of using social media, the NBA is the best in all professional leagues in North America. Many sports professionals say that alliances such as the NFL should learn from the NBA.

The second point is to let the fans participate more in sports. Take China as an example. In the past few years, NBA China has vigorously developed basketball training and cooperated with the Ministry of Education to launch basketball training programs in many primary and secondary schools across the country. At the Xi’an Basketball Summit last year, NBA executive Tan Huimin said that NBA China would train basketball for 4 million primary and middle school students.

2018-2019 season NBA Finals, although not classic but very exciting

The Raptors won the 2018-2019 NBA championship, and Canada is crazy.

The Raptors deserve to be praised and applauded, because this is the first time in NBA history that a team outside the United States has won the championship trophy, and because the Raptors have changed their lives.

When the Golden State Warriors ushered in Cousins ​​last summer, people said, “Looking at the NBA for so many years, the finale is finally over.” When the Warriors teamed up with five All-Stars as the starting five, even James said. “The championship has no suspense, as long as the Warriors want it, the championship is theirs.” However, the Raptors played such a fight, the more they became more confident, and finally won the first championship in the history of the team, creating history.

The Raptors don’t have the luxury lineup of the Warriors. Everyone has experienced many years of hardship and has made themselves better. The 32-year-old Danny Green has been playing for two and a half years and started to start at the Spurs. The 33-year-old Lori has played for four years, from a substitute assault to a reliable three-pointer. Ibaka’s ten-year NBA career, the first year of the season officially played center; 34-year-old Marc Gasol, as well as Van Fleet, Sikam, Jeremy Lin (wearing the 17th cheap NBA jerseys).

The most worthy of the book, of course, is Leonard who won the MVP of the Finals this season.

On May 14, 2017, Oracle Arena, the first game of the Western Conference Finals, Leonard, who played for the Spurs, scored 26 points and 8 rebounds in 24 minutes, but only 4 minutes in the second half, Pachulia stepped. Leonard was injured and reimbursed for the season. The Spurs were eventually eliminated by the Warriors 0-4. Leonard was absent for most of the 2017-2018 season, and he was sent to the cold Toronto. Thus, Leonard played the best season of his career. In the playoffs against the Magic, the 76ers, the Bucks and the Warriors four-round series, Leonard is the team’s scoring champion in each round, especially in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. In the playoffs this season, he scored a total of 732 points, becoming the third-best player in the NBA history single-season playoffs, only Jordan and James in front of him.

The Raptors deserve this championship, but the Warriors’ full-fledged soldiers failed to make this year’s finals a classic.

No team is as fierce as this year’s Warriors. Cousins, who had been out of action for a long time, finally started the playoffs, but once again injured his thigh in the first round against the Clippers, and 14 games in a truce. In the second game of the Western Conference Semifinals, Curry’s left hand accidentally dislocated. After that, the middle finger and the ring finger of the left hand were tied together with a bandage; Durantra injured the calf and directly smashed to the Achilles tendon rupture after the pressure returned; in the second game of the finals, Kevin Rooney fractured the clavicle; The sixth cruciate ligament was torn in the Thompson Finals. They fight like champions, they all put everything for the warriors.

After the end of the NBA Finals, the teams will usher in the summer offseason, but this year’s world basketball game also has an important event – the basketball World Cup will start on August 31. A few days ago, the American Basketball Association has announced a training list for 20 people. Among them, Lore, the defending champion of the new division’s Raptors, was also selected. With the joy of winning the championship, Lori will also start his own national team tour.

On September 1st, the American men’s basketball team in the World Cup Group E will play their own group stage in Shanghai. The US men’s basketball team has won two consecutive World Cup championships. Their goal this time is the World Cup three consecutive championships.

NBA Finals Game 5: The Raptors Lose the Warriors

Toronto (Canada), June 11, 2019 (Sports) (14) Basketball – NBA Finals Game 5: Raptors defeated the Warriors on June 10, Raptors player Leonard (middle) in the game Shooting. On the same day, in the fifth game of the 2018-2019 season NBA Finals, the Toronto Raptors lost to the Golden State Warriors 105-106 at home, but still lead with a total score of 3 to 2.

According to Wo Shen, although the Warriors will not officially announce the return of Kevin Durant before the fifth game of the finals today, Durant plans to play in today’s game.

This morning, Durant took part in the shooting training and then received treatment for the right calf.

“He looks good, we will look at the next situation,” Cole said in an interview.

Durant has been injured since the fifth injury in the Western Conference Semifinals. Yesterday, he participated in the training of the whole team for the first time.

Kevin Durant returned, wear cheap nba jerseys,the Warriors eventually beat the Raptors 106 to 105, the total score was 2 to 3. However, in the second quarter, 9 minutes and 49 seconds, when Durant broke through, his right leg was relapsed and he was finally taken out of the field. He then walked away from the arena with protective boots and crutches. At the post-match conference, Warriors general manager Myers said with tears that Durant was diagnosed as a Helicopter injury and was reimbursed for the season.

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Before the game, the Warriors had a total score of 1 to 3 behind, and Durant chose to take the injury back. In the second quarter, Durant made a strong attack on Ibaka. When he broke the ball, he relapsed and was forced to throw the ball and sit on the floor. He touched the right calf that had been injured before. After getting up, Durant apparently limped, eventually he went to the player channel with the team doctor and Iguodala, and returned to the locker room for examination and treatment.

Before leaving the game, Durant played 11 minutes and 57 seconds and performed well. He made 3 of 5 shots, including 3 of 3 three-pointers and 2 free throws. He scored 11 points and 2 rebounds. When he was on the court, the Warriors won. 6 points. Regrettably, Durant, who returned from the FireWire, was injured again in this battle of life and death. Now the Warriors have given the news that Durant is injured on the right leg and will undergo an MRI tomorrow.